Every professional at Lake Crossing Health Center is committed to providing quality patient services in each specialty for every resident.  Our trained health professionals in medicine, nursing, pharmacy, rehabilitation, and restorative services develop and maintain a medical plan of care for each resident according to individual needs. Our social services provides residents with assess to social service agencies in the community when the need is indicated. Our patient activity service is committed to making each resident's stay at Lake Crossing Health Center enjoyable be providing recreational activities, social activities, and educational opportunities.

Residents are conveniently seen at Lake Crossing Health Center by other health care providers for dental, ophthalmology, laboratory, radiology, and mental health services. A List of community health providers is maintained by our facility personnel from which residents may choose provider services. Our facility personnel will also coordinate patient transportation for outside services.

  • Meals prepared fresh, on-site
  • Fine dining
  • Resident centered menu choices
  • We can accommodate any diet
  • Daily snack/refreshment cart

Clinical Services


6698 Washington Road

Appling GA 30802 


Dining Experience

A nationally recognized, family owned and operated healthcare facility

  • Each room is beautifully decorated and quality furnishings are used throughout
  • Toilet facilities are located in each room
  • Each resident is encouraged to personalize his/her room to enhance each personality.
  • Each room is climate controlled with heating and air
  • Spacious outside areas with beautifully landscaped yards